Thursday, January 12, 2006

Baby Foster Update

Hello to everyone, family, friends, fellow bloggers out there. I come to you today with exciting news. Jason and Jessie (see my last post) had their first sonogram yesterday. I've never heard my brother so excited about anything before in my life or his for that matter, considering he's about to be a father that's a really cool thing. He's going to make an incredible dad. My mom is so happy about being a grandma, from here on out I will affectionately refer to her as Granny!

So here's what Jason said on the phone. The official due date is May 21st. I think Granny has already booked a flight! The doctor "didn't see anything" so as far as they can tell it's a girl! At least now Granny can stop buying yellow and green stuff and start getting lots of pink stuff. Jason and Jessie decided on her name...Haylee Marie Foster. I love my brother for that one. Before Grandpa Hayles passed away, he told me if I ever had a little girl to name her, Haylee Marie, a play on his last name and Marie is my mom's middle name. Several years ago I found out that kids would be difficult for me and recently out of the question. I told Jason that if it was a girl to please consider Grandpa's wish for me. I love Jason and Jessie, they have made his wish come true. My brother is the greatest brother in the world. I'm a very lucky woman to have a brother and sister-in-law so kind as to consider my feelings and our grandpa's during a time when they could easily put their own desires first and be totally justified, it is their child on the way. They are such good people, they are so good together and they will make awesome parents!

So...that's about it on my end. It's no longer baby Foster, but a baby girl named Haylee. I love this. I can't wait until May! I feel a bit like Pinocchio, now I'm going to be a real aunt. A real, live Aunt Gigi! Congratulations Jason, Jessie and Haylee!


Amber said...

Congratulations Aunt Gigi!! I love babies and all the love and warm feelings they bring with them. (even if the warm feeling is throw up on the lap) LOL

I am an aunt two times but alas, they live in Australia so I have never met my two nieces. :-(

My friends just had a baby though and they refer to my husband and I as Aunty Amber and Uncle's such a great feeling! (They're from S. Africa so the AuntY thing is quite a trip) LOL

Gigi said...

Yeah, I'm really excited for them. Babies are beautiful and I'm sure that little Haylee Marie will be no different. I mean, look at her gorgeous parents. I know all babies are pretty but my brother needs to realize now that at some point in the future he's going to have to lock Haylee in a closet and not let her out until she's 18. *grin* I'm such a proud aunt! If my brother ever gets the sonogram picture scanned I'll post it on here. On that note, I need to finish crocheting a baby blanket for them.